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Latitude: 033:49:20 / Longtitude: 0116:23:50 Elevation: 276ft.


This weather station is located approximatly 5 miles east of Palm Springs, California (Wikipedia entry) in the unincorperated area called Thousand Palms. (Latitude: 033:49:20 / Longtitude: 0116:23:50 Elevation: 276ft.)

In use is a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station to gather the data displayed here. This site is non-commercial and just a hobby/interest of a Coachella Valley native.

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NWS   KCATHOUS8        CW2285    SWN

Quake-Catcher Network

WeatherUnderground ID: KCATHOUS8


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 Humidity itself simply refers to the amount of water vapor in the air. However, the amount of water vapor that the air can contain varies with air temperature and pressure. Relative humidity takes into account these factors and offers a humidity reading which reflects the amount of water vapor in the air as a percentage of the amount the air is capable of holding. Relative humidity, therefore, is not actually a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air, but a ratio of the air's water vapor content to its capacity. When we use the term humidity, we mean relative humidity.
 It is important to realize that relative humidity changes with temperature, pressure, and water vapor content. A parcel of air with a capacity for 10 g of water vapor which contains 4 g of water vapor, the relative humidity would be 40%. Adding 2 g more water vapor (for a total of 6 g) would change the humidity to 60%. If that same parcel of air is then warmed so that it has a capacity for 20 g of water vapor, the relative humidity drops to 30% even though water vapor content does not change.
 Relative humidity is an important factor in determining the amount of evaporation from plants and wet surfaces since warm air with low humidity has a large capacity to absorb extra water vapor.

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