Average Dew Point Summary (°F)
Data last updated 1/21/2018 06:10 AM.

Dew Point
201838.7* 8.4 °F more than the January average.---------------------------------38.7* 0.6 °F less than the yearly average.
201738.7 8.4 °F more than the January average.42.5 9.6 °F more than the February average.37.9 4.1 °F more than the March average.35.1 0.5 °F less than the April average.41.6 0.6 °F more than the May average.45.0 0.0 °F more than the June average.56.8 3.9 °F more than the July average.54.9 3.2 °F more than the August average.51.8 5.0 °F more than the September average.33.0 6.3 °F less than the October average.39.1 6.1 °F more than the November average.18.6 11.2 °F less than the December average.41.2 1.9 °F more than the yearly average.
201635.3 5.1 °F more than the January average.27.5 5.5 °F less than the February average.35.0 1.2 °F more than the March average.36.1 0.5 °F more than the April average.45.4 4.4 °F more than the May average.48.4 3.4 °F more than the June average.50.4 2.5 °F less than the July average.50.6 1.1 °F less than the August average.46.6 0.3 °F less than the September average.43.1 3.8 °F more than the October average.33.2 0.2 °F more than the November average.34.0 4.2 °F more than the December average.40.5 1.2 °F more than the yearly average.
201534.0 3.7 °F more than the January average.37.6 4.7 °F more than the February average.34.4 0.6 °F more than the March average.33.1 2.5 °F less than the April average.43.4 2.5 °F more than the May average.47.4 2.4 °F more than the June average.55.1 2.2 °F more than the July average.51.9 0.2 °F more than the August average.54.4 7.5 °F more than the September average.48.0 8.7 °F more than the October average.26.7 6.3 °F less than the November average.24.1 5.7 °F less than the December average.40.9 1.6 °F more than the yearly average.
201421.9 8.4 °F less than the January average.32.9 0.1 °F less than the February average.33.1 0.7 °F less than the March average.34.0 1.6 °F less than the April average.36.2 4.7 °F less than the May average.41.1 3.8 °F less than the June average.53.9 1.1 °F more than the July average.52.1 0.5 °F more than the August average.54.5 7.6 °F more than the September average.43.7 4.4 °F more than the October average.32.3 0.7 °F less than the November average.38.6 8.9 °F more than the December average.39.6 0.3 °F more than the yearly average.
201322.4 7.9 °F less than the January average.26.6 6.3 °F less than the February average.33.9 0.1 °F more than the March average.35.1 0.5 °F less than the April average.40.2 0.7 °F less than the May average.45.8 0.8 °F more than the June average.53.7 0.8 °F more than the July average.51.2 0.5 °F less than the August average.45.9 0.9 °F less than the September average.33.3 6.0 °F less than the October average.34.8 1.7 °F more than the November average.24.0 5.8 °F less than the December average.37.3 2.0 °F less than the yearly average.
201223.0 7.2 °F less than the January average.29.9 3.1 °F less than the February average.31.8 1.9 °F less than the March average.35.4 0.2 °F less than the April average.39.8 1.1 °F less than the May average.40.7 4.3 °F less than the June average.49.9 3.0 °F less than the July average.58.8 7.1 °F more than the August average.48.3 1.5 °F more than the September average.39.8 0.5 °F more than the October average.33.5 0.5 °F more than the November average.34.0 4.3 °F more than the December average.38.8 0.5 °F less than the yearly average.
201130.9 0.6 °F more than the January average.28.5 4.5 °F less than the February average.37.2 3.5 °F more than the March average.37.5 1.9 °F more than the April average.38.4 2.6 °F less than the May average.42.9 2.1 °F less than the June average.51.4 1.4 °F less than the July average.45.7 6.0 °F less than the August average.47.8 1.0 °F more than the September average.36.9 2.4 °F less than the October average.33.9 0.9 °F more than the November average.23.6 6.1 °F less than the December average.37.9 1.4 °F less than the yearly average.
201034.0 3.7 °F more than the January average.38.5 5.6 °F more than the February average.33.6 0.2 °F less than the March average.38.5 2.9 °F more than the April average.41.8 0.8 °F more than the May average.50.0 5.0 °F more than the June average.54.3 1.5 °F more than the July average.50.4 1.3 °F less than the August average.42.6 4.3 °F less than the September average.46.4 7.1 °F more than the October average.30.5 2.5 °F less than the November average.36.4 6.7 °F more than the December average.41.5 2.1 °F more than the yearly average.
200927.9 2.4 °F less than the January average.34.9 1.9 °F more than the February average.30.5 3.2 °F less than the March average.34.2 1.4 °F less than the April average.44.8 3.8 °F more than the May average.47.0 2.0 °F more than the June average.48.6 4.2 °F less than the July average.46.9 4.8 °F less than the August average.44.5 2.3 °F less than the September average.34.7 4.6 °F less than the October average.28.8 4.2 °F less than the November average.31.1 1.4 °F more than the December average.37.8 1.5 °F less than the yearly average.
200832.0 1.7 °F more than the January average.33.2* 0.2 °F more than the February average.29.0 4.8 °F less than the March average.31.7 3.9 °F less than the April average.39.2 1.7 °F less than the May average.40.8 4.2 °F less than the June average.55.2 2.4 °F more than the July average.55.6 3.9 °F more than the August average.47.0 0.1 °F more than the September average.32.8 6.5 °F less than the October average.36.2 3.1 °F more than the November average.33.0 3.3 °F more than the December average.38.8* 0.5 °F less than the yearly average.
200719.9 10.4 °F less than the January average.31.0 1.9 °F less than the February average.30.2 3.5 °F less than the March average.38.1 2.5 °F more than the April average.38.5 2.4 °F less than the May average.41.0 4.0 °F less than the June average.52.8 0.1 °F less than the July average.53.9 2.2 °F more than the August average.44.7 2.1 °F less than the September average.36.3 3.0 °F less than the October average.31.1 1.9 °F less than the November average.30.5 0.8 °F more than the December average.37.4 1.9 °F less than the yearly average.
200629.1 1.2 °F less than the January average.25.9 7.0 °F less than the February average.35.3 1.5 °F more than the March average.39.9 4.3 °F more than the April average.45.1 4.2 °F more than the May average.47.0 2.0 °F more than the June average.57.1 4.2 °F more than the July average.48.9 2.8 °F less than the August average.43.3 3.5 °F less than the September average.38.8 0.5 °F less than the October average.32.1 0.9 °F less than the November average.22.8 6.9 °F less than the December average.38.9 0.4 °F less than the yearly average.
200542.6* 12.3 °F more than the January average.43.8 10.8 °F more than the February average.37.8 4.0 °F more than the March average.35.3* 0.4 °F less than the April average.43.6 2.6 °F more than the May average.44.4* 0.6 °F less than the June average.53.3* 0.5 °F more than the July average.55.5 3.8 °F more than the August average.41.6 5.2 °F less than the September average.42.5 3.2 °F more than the October average.35.0 2.0 °F more than the November average.33.0 3.3 °F more than the December average.42.1* 2.8 °F more than the yearly average.
200426.9 3.4 °F less than the January average.28.6* 4.3 °F less than the February average.33.2 0.6 °F less than the March average.34.4 1.3 °F less than the April average.34.4* 6.6 °F less than the May average.48.2* 3.3 °F more than the June average.47.7 5.2 °F less than the July average.47.2 4.4 °F less than the August average.42.8 4.0 °F less than the September average.41.1 1.8 °F more than the October average.35.1 2.1 °F more than the November average.32.4 2.6 °F more than the December average.37.7* 1.6 °F less than the yearly average.
High42.6 43.8 37.9 39.9 45.4 50.0 57.1 58.8 54.5 48.0 39.1 38.6 58.8
Avg30.3 33.0 33.8 35.6 40.9 45.0 52.9 51.7 46.8 39.3 33.0 29.7 39.3
Low19.9 25.9 29.0 31.7 34.4 40.7 47.7 45.7 41.6 32.8 26.7 18.6 18.6
Color Key
< 24.0 24.0 - 27.0 27.0 - 30.0 30.0 - 34.0 34.0 - 37.0 37.0 - 40.0 40.0 - 43.0 43.0 - 46.0 46.0 - 49.0 49.0 - 52.0 52.0 - 55.0 55.0 - 58.058.0>
* denotes incomplete data for the month/year.